Yin Yang Yung (2019)

In this Movement Medicine workshop we will dance with triads that arise from the creative tension of apparent paradoxes. The Yin/Yang duality symbolises movement between opposites. One holds the beginning of the other, and both hold each other in balance.

Confucianism recognises Yung (not Jung!) as third element. This can refer to the space between or beyond the polarities. Yung offers a place of possibility, for healing, liberation and empowerment. In storytelling this third energy is often called the ‘spirit child’ that is born of two polarities, while the ‘vesica pisces' is the mathematical shape between two overlapping circles.

In this workshop, you will:

  • (re-)awaken the dancer inside you and remember that you too hold many pairs, paradoxes and opposites within you
  • explore a specific set of polarities are you aware of in your life
  • work with the creative life force that these polarities invite, sustain or in some cases block
  • make a concrete plan to integrate the insights you will find on your journey, into your daily life.

PDF with November 2019 workshop details!