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It’s great, being a woman. I can recommend it to everyone! To move naturally with the cycles of growth and release, to have physiologically-built in times for creation and withdrawal is a great gift. For me the strength of being a woman lies in my conscious connection with the cycles of life, with the land, with the moon.

These aspects are not so easily included in our often urban life styles and the demands of modern life. We live in a linear culture, with emphasis on growth and performance: but to be in touch with our creativity, with creation, requires also to let go, to surrender in order to make way for the new. I write this in the spirit of women of all ages gathered around a (low) burning fire, because at all times we are connected to a community of ‘sisters’ who know, like you, about the whispering of the womb, the weaving, the secrets of the dreaming…

We co-create a space where the whole spectrum of being Woman is included. The untamed and the caring. The light and the dark. The soul and the laundry. The dance and the singing. The holy and the mundane. The cackling and the deep talk. The freedom and the commitment. 

To recognise the limitations of culture and choosing our own path. To recognise, honour and celebrate the mysteries of the sacred feminine. To spread our wings and fly. To reclaim our original nature, creativity and power, for ourselves and all our relations.


Teenagers | Women | Dance students and professional dancers | Intergenerational Groups