What people say

"Eline embodies the poise of a classically trained dancer, the insight of an incisive intellect, and the commitment of a warrior. The combination is potent and infectious" (Dr. Sian Sullivan, anthropologist and dancer).

“Dancing with Eline helped me to explore the infinite depth and breadth of all things material and immaterial; it helped me to find tremendous beauty in my surroundings. However, what was really exceptional about the experience was its accessibility: everyone had a wonderful time and was left feeling much more at home inside their body” (Alex Moock, anthropology student UCL).

"Eline has a desire to learn from the inside, to get to the essence of something, rather than just describing something from a distance. In both her dancing background and her scientific background, she acquired very diverse professional skills as being disciplined in observing, analyzing and writing. Her mind likes to play with theories and to search for patterns in her data" (Dr. Anne Stijkel, director International Institute for Inclusive Science).

"Dancing with Eline, I felt a whole new world open, a place where I hadn’t been before" (Habib, fellow dancer).

"Eline is known to me as an excellent researcher. She initiated a new and promising type of research in the field of Intellectual Disability: an integration of very careful and conscientious anthropologically based qualitative research. Her friendly and cooperative personality and broad range of interests is combined with a truly scientific attitude" (Dr. Joop Hoekman, professor in anthroposophic health care, director Training-Consultancy-Research (TAO)).

Thank-you Eline for doing a shamanic journey so sensitively and intelligently with me. I felt well held and nurtured by you. You dealt with the question in a perceptive, intuitive and poignant fashion. It has been of great help to me and I look forward to another one (Rebecca, client shamanic coaching).