Medicine: Art of Living Toolkit


Anthropology: Embodied methodology


Lectures with a Twist (general)









If you are looking for a fresh and creative way of bringing some new inspiration to your organisation, you could consider the following:
  • taylor-made workshops for organisations, universities and businesses to create an embodied experience in relationship to particular aims and topics and including any proportion of lecture, dance and silence
  • alternative ‘team building’ possibilities
  • small groups or one-to-one movement-based work with employees regarding motivation, social skills and empowerment
  • translation of academic ideas into the body and movement (for example sustainability, recycling, embodiment, justice), or in other words, have a 'phenomenological experience' related to your organisation, vision or goal through movement
  • refreshing movement exercises in long seminars

All these are of course inclusive of the possibilities mentioned under ‘Facilitation for Individuals’. Please be in touch if you would like to discuss how this work could be translated to your organisation.