"You move like fire
amongst the cane, you move like sugar
and like ocean; they say – you are the sharp
swing of the cutlass, they say –
you are like ointment in a deep wound.
They say your dance is like a cure."

Kei Miller



The Power of Dance

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In general, people attribute many different qualities or powers to the dance and dancing. These include for example:

  • contacting vital life energy
  • clearing the mind from distractions
  • healing the connection between mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • getting to know oneself in a different way, often leading to an increased self-esteem
  • digesting or preparing for threatening or upsetting events
  • providing tools for safe and meaningful social interaction
  • recognising that one is not alone but part of a community
  • bridging the gap between the dancers and their surroundings
  • creating phenomenological experiences: meeting the ‘essence’ of things through the moving body
  • accessing other realities and connecting with sacred and mysterious dimensions of life
  • entering a space between worlds, which feeds creativity, imagination and vision

Many of these things can also be accessed through other activities, such as music, sports or outdoor activities. What is special about dance in my view is first of all that it gives access to a different way of knowing. This offers wisdom and insights through a different mode than the rational mind exclusively; namely through the conscious, moving body which includes the intellect. This happens partly through the intimacy of moving and feeling oneself moving at the same time, or in other words merging with the source of inspiration and becoming that which we are learning about.

Secondly, dancing also provides a different way of connecting intimately, with ourselves and the greater web of life. It is as if, with the body as ‘instrument’, through engaging the senses, we find new sensors or receptacles through which we listen to and perceive ourselves and the world.

I believe that these two different ‘ways’ that dance provides can play an important role in dealing with the increasing demands of a fast and often fragmented world.


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