"We are individual selves and also interdependent selves, dancing between the call to be with others and the need to create a solo expression of who we are and who we want to be."


Daria Halprin


Social work

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We are all unique from the moment we are born. However, the circumstances in which we grow up are not always favourable to let us ‘shine’. This can lead to parts of us being squashed or disappear, and also to survival choices that may not be so sustainable in the long run. Our culture also feeds us with certain ideas and so it seems that, collectively, we have forgotten how to grow up in a ‘healthy’ way. Despite all our education and development, we are often groping around in the dark about how to create for ourselves a meaningful life, full of soul and in touch with our intuition, our skills and talents.

This work can be a valuable asset in youth work settings, for single (teenage) moms, people with early addictions and eating disorders. As I am not a therapist, I address and encourage the part in people that is already healthy, to grow a little stronger. I call this creating physical and emotional ‘literacy’, so that we have more tools to navigate through the inevitable storms of life.

We learn about our boundaries so that we know what is our private space and how to protect that, we learn about the power of saying yes and the power of saying no respectfully, and we learn to not throw our dreams away just because we feel other people might not believe in them. Ultimately, we learn to trust ourselves again, and realise what a precious gift life is.


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