"Here you can dance dances that have fallen out of season, like mangoes in February."

Kei Miller

Qualities of the Space

  • A safe space where our boundaries are respected.
  • A free space where we can explore.
  • An in-between place where we can move from one state to another.
  • A sacred space where we are in touch with other dimensions.

Anthropologists use the word 'Liminal space' from the Latin word for ‘threshold’. A threshold defines the space between two rooms, or between outside and inside. It can also be used metaphorically, when we cross from one state to another.

A similar concept, the Greek word ‘Temenos’ means a specific place for sacred work, which could be a grove of trees, a temple, a sanctuary separate from ordinary spaces. Carl G. Jung used this concept for a place where we can encounter aspects of our unconscious and so bring them into consciousness.

For me it is important to co-create such a space where life, the body, heart and mind, soul and spirit are honoured and celebrated. With our awareness and attention we can make any place special.