"…it was as if he was suddenly no longer flesh, as if his muscles and bones and organs were woven of melody."


Alison Croggon



Meeting the Music

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Dancing to a violin, a flute, a piano, a symphony orchestra or a capella voices creates an entirely different experience. As Martha Graham said: “There is a different thing which hits against your body. The wall of sound holds you in a certain way.” My inspiration for this workshop came from a particular experience I had, listening to a choir singing a modern meditative piece of music, called ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ by Joep Fransens. The music was first out there, then rolled over me and I dived in. In this workshop we initially meet sound as an entity separate from us. We 'see' it with our ears, then feel how it envelop us and, if we want, we can meet it as a lover.

There will be no physical contact or touch during this workshop so we feel free to surrender to the music as and how feels appropriate for us, with our eyes open or closed.

This workshop lasts two hours, or a series of two-hour workshops can be designed to meet different types and genres of music, to see how they affect you; classical music, rhythm and blues, pop, world music and devotional music.