Inspiring Websites


Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies (Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Høst, Zara Waldebäck)

Shaman Drums and other related objects with NIcci

Northern Drum (with Chris Luttichau)

Middle Earth Medicine (with Caroline Carey and Ben Cole)

Sacred Trust (with Simon Buxton)

The Four Winds (with Alberto Villoldo)


Dance & Movement:

School of Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine Association (listing teachers and apprentice teachers)

Movement Medicine in the North of the UK

Alchemy in Movement (with Carolyn Carey)

Open Floor (with Andrea Juhan, including links to interesting research and articles)

Dancing Tao (with Christian de Sousa)

Essential Self (with Basira Oosterling)

Sari Veugelers

De Alchemist (with Marold Emmelkamp)

Querido Dance Therapy (with Charlotte Queriodo)



Ways of Women (with Christine Arentz Schjetlein & Helena Løvendal-Duffell)

Wilde Wijze Vrouw (with Klara Adalena)

Leader and Teamdevelopment (with Ralph Freelink)

Mediation (with Jannie Kieft)

Art and Coaching (with Anneke Kieft)

Healing through Shiatsu, Reiki, Sound & Shamanism (with Valerie Stagg)


Nature & Community:

Be the Change

The Pachamama Alliance

Survival International

Earth Fire Institute

Reizende Aardeschool and Bureau Aerda voor Aarde Educatie (with Gerwine Wuring)

White Ribbon Alliance (for safe motherhood)


Lucid Dreaming:

Lucid Dreaming (with Charlie Morley)