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Although ‘embodiment’ has become a hot research topic in the academic world, my experience as dance anthropologist is that this is still largely theoretical. To match the scientific standards of supposed objectivity, we too have become like brains on legs. In other words, the body and its feelings and sensations remain unacknowledged. This feels to me as a television show that is only partly broadcasted: not the whole person is present, presenting, presented. The part that is present is wonderful, stimulating and critical, but often not embodied. This means that specific parts are left out or unsynchronised.

Embodiment is like simultaneously living, acting, writing, speaking and listening from at least three places in the body; synchronising the mind, the heart and the belly. Embodiment is when we include and express ourselves through these different parts of our being. When these parts and messages are integrated and congruent this strengthens our message.


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