"We turn not older with years, but newer every day."


Emily Dickinson




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Time is often seen as linear: we are born young and then we grow older and older. It is a process many of us fear or try to deny as long as possible. I think of time as circular and cyclic. There are many different seasons and inside us many ages exist simultaneously. In some areas and moments of life we are young, in others mature and in others yet again we carry the wisdom that comes with long years of life experience. As they say in Guatemala: “Everyone is the age of their heart.”

Even if the body becomes more fragile and in need of care, we can still dance! A dance of our hands moving through the air, connecting with others. A dance of wonder and play just by moving our heads. Or if you want to get out of your chair, and try a little wriggle, that is beautiful too! Are you too old for that? I think not, and I would like to come and dance with you!


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