Dancing through the Tarot

Tarot is a set of usually 78 cards with colourful pictures. Some say it originated in the royal courts of Italy in the fifteenth century, others see its roots in the mystery schools of ancient Egypt or in Romany mythology... What we do know is that people have worked with these cards for at least four or five centuries as a way to inquire into patterns, rhythms and meaning of life processes, in order to work with life rather than against it.  

In this workshop we dance with the ‘Major Arcana’, which we could translate as 'mystery windows'. They represent archetypal life processes and doorways to the unconscious and can help us find our own unique way of being, growing and becoming. The Fool (m/f) as main character of the deck, guides us on a journey into the unknown, always travelling towards wholeness and realisation. Some of the themes we are likely to work with are Intuition, Surrender, Hope, Love, Strength, Choice, Sacrifice, Death, Transformation and Rebirth.

'Dancing through the Tarot' is a powerful yet playful way to immerse yourself in ancient symbolism through free movement, guided meditation and ritual theatre, and to explore each card as a rite of passage. It is not about predicting the future, but about accessing your insight and intuition, to more gracefully cope with and respond to life experiences.

No previous experience with Tarot or dance is necessary. This workshop is offered in a weekend format and in a series of 7 or 11 classes in a closed group. 

Feedback from previous participants: 

"It has been a precious space for my expression and movement (interior and exterior).The Tarot cards were very relevant and synchronistic with what I was living. It has been a journey where growth and movement occurred. It was lovely how Eline would let us come up with what was there for us, let the cards speak to us, and also bring in some more information when necessary or requested"  (Núria Maya). 

"The course was helpful for me to remember how dance and movement support me, giving me a physical practice that helps me reconnect to my own intuitive wisdom and helps to balance the tendency of an overly busy, anxious mind. The dance, the movement suggestions and guided visualisations were sensitive, supportive and encouraging, and Eline facilitated with great generosity of spirit" (Richard).