Dancing Soul meets Sea, Shore and Sky

The Sea is often used as a metaphor for the unconscious, its knowledge available at low tide and full moon. It stands for hidden depths and sources we have inherited from birth. The Sea is also a metaphor for traveling and for connection, because there is not a place where the sea does not touch the earth.

This workshop is residential in Cornwall. In a beautiful venue close to the sea, we will work inside in the mornings and on the beach in the afternoons and at night. We will meet different qualities of the sea as it exists outside us, and as it lives inside us; its vastness, its wildness, its calm, its unpredictability, its tides, its depths, its eternity. We do this through our bodies, our senses, through movement, through art and through storytelling.

How is it to literally meet the sand with your fingers or the sole’s of your feet? To meet the air with your mouth? To meet the water with your skin, your eyes, your ears? We create an altar dedicated to the sea and share stories, poems and artworks that connect us with the sea. Also we will journey with the drum to the Lands behind the ninth wave from the Celtic tradition, and fill our own magical bag with tools for life’s journey, like the Crane bag of the God of the Sea, Mór, Manawydden or Manannan. And we will take (at least) one invigorating dive together.

A playful, powerful retreat in the borderland, where land and sky and sea meet… All welcome.