"Watch the dust grains moving
in the light near the window.

Their dance is our dance.

We rarely hear the inward music,
but we're all dancing to it nevertheless."




Dance students and professional dancers

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Of course I do not need to teach you to dance. What we will do in these workshops is reconnecting to the invisible dimensions of soul and spirit, to the divine gift of being in a body which as a dancer is often taken for granted, and we will call our spirit down in each and every movement we make. During strong physical training, with competition and performance pressure, remaining connected with the deep joy that initially brought us to a dance career is not always easy. We relax back into our bodies as home for our soul, not just as instrument of performance and work. We also connect to space in a different way, especially linking our minds to nature outside the studio or theatre. In that sense, our dance becomes linked with and imbued by the larger web of life, which will make us more-dimensional, multicoloured and radiant in our classes and performances.

We dance out in nature or in the studio to find new resources and inspiration. We dance with the four elements water, fire, air and earth, and get to know them as allies for our work. We grow our roots deep down into the earth, while flying with the birds and stretching our wings to the sky.


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