“It might very well be that I love the dance so immensely because I love life, because of its metamorphoses and elusiveness.”


Mary Wigman


Dance for me personally

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From a very early age, dance connected me to my vitality, health and creativity. It gave me a sense of purpose, connection and stability. For me the dance is always here and always accessible. It is dynamic and interconnected. If I move my hand this way, or that, the whole world seems to shift: both my internal world and my relationship to the world around me. It is also about quietly listening inside, moving emotions and about connection: with myself, people, nature, spirit and the ‘great mystery’. Dancing, I feel the space between the molecules, a tangible relationship with the web of life through my being a moving, living, breathing body. An awareness of my hips and the point between my shoulders as ‘anchors’ that receive and send information. The dance helps me making sense of experiences. It is a tool that I can apply to anything that appears on the palette of being human. The Spirit of the Dance is a teacher who offers possibilities for finding fullness, meaning and reconnection with my Dreams. Dance for me is a gateway to many realities and many possibilities. And although it is often so private, so quiet, so still, I just cannot wait to share my love and passion for the dance with you.


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