"Dance is what you see, what you smell, what you hear. It’s how you bring your consciousness and awareness to your experience."


Anna Halprin



Dance for me is movement infused with heart, soul and consciousness. I can move my legs in a functional way to walk or to climb the stairs. When I make the same movement, while bringing my awareness to it and feeling the relatedness of my limbs with the space around, then it becomes a dance. It is really very simple. Dancing does not mean that you perform the most sophisticated acrobatics, it is simply paying attention to your movements and infusing them with your awareness.

Life is often compared to a dance. Living, like dancing, requires a fluidity and flexibility to move between different roles and responsibilities. The dance therefore is a useful tool to inquire deeper into the skills we already have and find those we would like to develop, in order to navigate life skilfully. Each day. Every day. Wherever we are. Whether we are walking the dog, waiting for the bus, caring for our loved ones, being at work, or reading these words, life can be a dance. Sometimes solo, sometimes in a duet or en groupe.