Current Activities

Dance, healing and spirituality

Lexington invited me to re-write my thesis into a book in their series on Body & Religion. It will address the following themes: (1) Emergence of alternative spiritualities; (2) The dance floor as liminal space and dancing as liminal activity; (3) The body and embodiment; (4) Movement as a way of knowing; (5) Strengthening connections; (6) Dance as a portal to other dimensions; (7) Healing as a process; (8) Art of living.


Dancing with Swan and Phoenix: a healing journey through archetypal medicine

Accepted as book chapter for Spiritual Herstories: Soulful research in dance studies, edited by Amanda Williamson, PDF abstract available here


Initiation Dream for Girls

I am currently writing for girls growing up in 21st Century. The project takes the shape of both a novel which acknowledges the dream space of initiation, and a practical handbook in which you can look up entries on different topics such as your body, emotions, menstruation, relationships, boundaries, sexuality, alcohol, inner strength and many, many more that parents and schools usually don't tend to tell you! Ultimately it provides you with travel equipment to be utterly and totally yourself, and proud of it!


Body image, self confidence and eating disorders

With the Jasmin Verdimon Dance Company and University of Kent, we hope to apply for a grant to develop a a creative intervention for teenagers to boost self esteem, confidence, and body images for teenagers in countries around the North Sea. This will be aimed to support teachers and health care workers to support teenagers in difficult circumstances.