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Nature based traditions resonate most deeply with my experience of life and its mysterious dimensions. I was introduced to other ways of knowing, shamanic techniques and the ‘spirit world’ in 2005 by Christian de Quincey and Jonathan Horwitz, with whom I continued studying over the years. Among my initial experiences were for example a journey through time as carbon atom based on James Lovelock’s Gaia theory, conversing with a stone who told me to slow down after which I wasn’t able to move my legs anymore, and receiving teachings from a plane tree. Through these exercises I had profound body-based experiences of interconnectedness with all creatures and any previous sense of separation between the natural world and me disappeared. I know that in essence there is no difference between you, me, the animals, plants, elements, dust or stones whom we co-share this planet with. That also means that my actions unquestionably influence all other (life) forms, which requires a balance (an ongoing lesson to learn!) between all polarities we can imagine and negotiating feelings of discomfort when for some reason I am not able to meet the needs of our beautiful planet.


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