Medicine: Art of Living

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At the University of Plymouth a range of 'special study units' are offered to medical students, as part of their medical humanities curriculum. I offer a course called "Developing your own Art of Living Toolkit", which explores students' personal frame of meaning, and supports them to create a toolkit to stay well-nourished and resourced throughout their career as a doctor.

This includes a ‘holistic’ view of themselves as medical professionals, in which body, heart, mind and spirit aim to work together to keep healthy and inspired. Using a combination of techniques such as art, poetry, and movement we explore questions such as: "what is your deep motivation of becoming a doctor? How can you reconnect to that motivation if at times you may forget? What is truly meaningful for you? How can you stay healthy? What nourishes you?

Engaging with these topics creates a greater ability to see a patients’ journey in another perspective, and support them discovering their own forms of support during their illness trajectory. 


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