Clients' description of a session

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"I had the pleasure of having shamanic healing done to me by Eline. It was beautiful, gentle and powerful.

She started with listening to me. I mean really LISTENING to what I had to say. She asked me to lay down and started to rattle. The rattles were seemingly small, but they had a gentle and at the same time a deep powerful touch. I felt relaxed and safe.

She rattled around me concentrating on the places that needed healing. Somehow she just knew. I'm not sure if she sang, but I could feel her singing just for me. She laid down besides me and started the journey. I could feel the connection from my elbow to my ankle. Off she went and I laid there, relaxed.

She came back from the journey, bringing me a power animal. I could feel it when she blew her into me. I felt that I got the helping friend that I needed. The power animal has been with me ever since reminding me of the lessons I've learned and not to make the same mistakes again.

Eline told me about the journey she did with lots of details which makes total sense to me in my current life situation (going through my second divorce). She also told me about a soul part that was not ready to come home yet. And I do understand why. The insights she told me about my spirit helpers and the soul part were amazing and spot on.

I have applied the instructions I got to my life and I have noticed the changes. I'm no longer afraid of being me.

I'm grateful of having the pleasure for meeting Eline and having her do shamanic healing for me and I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of help. With her listening heart and with the help of her spirits I do believe she can bring help to any kind of issue. I'm looking forward seeing her again.

Thank You Eline"


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