No matter what your age, ability, gender or previous dance experience, come and explore the possibilities of moving with awareness. There are opportunities for: 

  • experiencing your body as a work of art and a miracle
  • discovering your body as home for your soul and learning to trust it as a safe place
  • an opportunity to increase physical and emotional 'literacy' and personal ‘definition’
  • connection with self and all of life through the body and dance
  • site-specific movement improvisation: meeting the land and nature in a different way
  • dance as a doorway to other realities and as a space for ceremony and rites of passage
  • dance as an easily accessible resource and healing tool, including for retrieving lost soul essence
  • translating the wisdom of archetypal stories into your body through movement and integrate them into every day life


Please check out if you see any workshops in the lefthand bar that interest you, and feel free to contact me for additional details!