1:1 Facilitation

I see health as an ongoing integration of physical, social, mental and spiritual aspects and also of different areas of life such as art, community and relationship. With my work, I trust and follow our natural tendency towards wholeness, much like a tree developing to its full glory and capacity when its growth is not restricted. Sometimes the tree needs a little support. This can take various forms, and therefore I offer three different types of sessions:

  1. Shamanic journey skills so you can apply these tools by yourself
  2. Healing: receive some healing from the other world
  3. Coaching: A Combination Approach also involving Movement Inquiry

Especially the Coaching sessions will include possibilities to:

  • Reconnect with self and all of life through the body and movement;
  • Increase your physical and emotional 'literacy' by reconnecting with your body as a safe place, a work of art and a miracle and the home of your soul in this life;
  • Translate the wisdom of archetypal stories into your body through movement and integrate them into every day life;
  • Use dance as an easily accessible resource and healing tool, including for retrieving lost soul essence;
  • Explore dance as a doorway to other realities and as space for ceremony and rites of passage;
  • Experience site-specific movement improvisation: meeting the land and nature in a different way.

Sessions can be arranged face-to-face or even over Skype, so distance should not be a problem.


Further information on Individual Sessions | Client Description of a Session


Feedback from previous clients:

"Thank you Eline for doing a shamanic journey so sensitively and intelligently with me. I felt well held and nurtured by you. You dealt with the question in a perceptive, intuitive and poignant fashion. It has been of great help to me and I look forward to another one" (Rebecca).

 "It felt like home. I felt very safe, warm and comfortable. Eline gave me the feeling I could say anything. I found it very special and familiar" (Valerie).