"... any condition outside or on the peripheries of everyday life. It is often a sacred condition or can readily become one.”


Victor Turner





Welcome to Dance Research & Facilitation!

This is a web-portal for my work in the space between dance, academic research, health care and the spirit world. Liminal spaces are fertile grounds for finding inspiration, coming (back) into contact with our source and vitality, making new connections, dreaming, and finding ways in which we can translate insights to our daily lives in a sustainable way. This website currently includes information for research as well as facilitation, and for individuals as well as organisations. Please make yourself at home!

Keywords are:

  • change, transformation and healing
  • reconnection with ourselves, others, nature and the invisible world
  • inspiration, imagination and creativity
  • exploration of what matters to us
  • embodied experience and inquiry
  • appreciation and celebration
  • exchange between academia, arts and spirituality

My work is informed by both practice and theory, by facilitating movement experiences for groups and individuals, as well as the academic reflections on it. Driven by a deep curiousity to learn more about the mystery of dance, I connect to other ways of knowing and translate them to different contexts. Dance is, of course, not the only tool for this, simply one that I am very passionate about.

I create tailor-made workshops for museums, universities and businesses, health care organisations, women, teenage girls, dancers and dance students. I also offer individual shamanic coaching and healing sessions, to help people (re)connect with their essence and dreams, and manifest these step by step.  

dance nature art symbols anthropology imagination silence

other ways of knowing shamanism embodiment reconnection

ritual intuition original nature play


Registered Member of the Movement Medicine Association 

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